About Us

Our History

Kidd’s Preschool Enrichment Center opened in 1976 in the Lee Harvard area of Cleveland, Ohio as an early learning center for young children ages 2 to 5. At the time, the majority of childcare centers available to parents were little more than glorified babysitting services with few academic lessons offered.

Roye and Vivian Kidd, life long teachers and educators, shared a desire to start children on the road to educational excellence as soon as possible in their young lives. With the idea that “children are like sponges”, soaking up whatever is around them, Kidd’s Preschool offered a rich learning environment for children to grow in and thrive. In 1982, Kidd’s Preschool II (now closed) opened in the Shaker Buckeye area, and Kidd’s Preschool III opened in 1985 in the Euclid Green area. In 1999, Kidd’s Preschool III changed its name to A New Beginning Preschool, and in 2012, returned to Kidd’s Preschool.

In the years since Kidd’s Preschool first opened its doors, other educators in the field of Early Childhood Education have come to understand the academic potential of young children and the value of exposing children to sound academic practices as early as possible. The newly formed Ohio Department of Education’s Early Childhood Education has now compiled a formal list of academic content that preschool children should learn in their early years.

Unlike the many early babysitting centers, most of which haven’t existed for nearly as long, Kidd’s Preschool hasn’t had to adjust its operating practices in response to these new Development Standards, and continues to educate children and help them recognize their potential. When they get to Elementary School, Kidd’s Preschool graduates have always emerged at the top of their classes because of the strong, academic background, and the excellent personal training they received.

Goals, Values and Beliefs

Our belief at Kidd’s Preschool is simple – every child can achieve great things with the help of loving adults. Our goal is to be much more than child care providers; we realize that we, along with parents, are our children’s first teachers with the opportunity to help shape a child’s mind in the most critical years of his or her young life – the first five. Recognizing that enormous responsibility, we know that everything that we do should prepare a child to be an excellent student in school, and an outstanding citizen in life – both in the actual lessons we teach, and in the personal examples we set.

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