Happy Harvest from the Pre-Kinders Class! We would like to welcome our new friend Jerimiah to our class. He super excited to learn how to print his name and meet new friends.

We have had an exciting and extraordinary past month. One of our fun-filled field trips was to Patterson Fruit Farm. You can see some of our pictures on our Instagram page. We had an awesome time playing on the bales of hay, riding the tractors, picking apples, walking through the forest and we even got a chance to roll around in dried corn! We now know how old a tree is – just ask us, we’ll be happy to tell you.

We also visited a local nursing home. We sang songs and danced with some of the residents. The looks on their faces were priceless! We cannot wait to go back on November 19th to pass out Thanksgiving cards.

Our lesson this month is “On the Go” – we will be exploring transportation on land, by water and in the air. Sounds like … VROOM!

Pictures will be taken on Tuesday, November 10th. Don’t forget to smile BIG … Say Cheese!!!

We are also looking forward to our Annual Thanksgiving Luncheon on Wednesday, November 25; we will share everything we are thankful for….

I, Ms. Susan, am thankful for my lovely children who I love dearly. I enjoy nurturing and teaching them, and helping them expand their curious little minds to learn and grow in the beautiful world around us.

I, Ms. Tracey, am thankful for the opportunity to watch our students’ little minds be so curious and thirsty for knowledge.


So Long For Now!

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